Caligata Lake Provincial Park is located at the base of the steep, north-facing slope of Raft Mountain, south of the Trophy Mountain area of Wells Gray Provincial Park. This 153-hectare park protects a small cirque basin, lush wetlands and bogs.

The small cirque basin is an avalanche run-out zone and also contains Caligata Lake. Surrounding forests are mostly subalpine fir with some stands of old-growth Englemann spruce interspersed. Plantlife in the park includes rare lichen species and many varieties of wildflowers. The park is also important habitat for mountain caribou, wolves, black bears and grizzlies.

Recreational activities are limited to hiking and backcountry skiing in winter. Camping is not permitted and there are no day-use facilities in the park. Park water is not drinkable, so visitors should bring their own supply of potable water.

Caligata Lake Provincial Park is located 101 miles (160 km) north of Kamloops, northeast of the town of Clearwater. Access to the park is via 19 miles (30 km) of logging road up Spahats Creek, which is north of Clearwater on the Wells Gray Park Road.

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