This 126 hectare park encompasses a large section of Eakin Creek’s valley floor floodplain. The park features intriguing ice caves and rocky outcropping in the nearby talus slopes. Vegetation on the valley floor includes old-growth red cedar, cottonwood, red-osier dogwood, devil club, lady fern and oak fern. Up on the hillsides, Douglas fir, pine grass, soapberry and mahonia flourish.

The old-growth trees provide habitat for a variety of cavity-nesting bats, as well as warblers and American dippers. Eakin Creek contains significant stocks of wild rainbow trout.

There are no camping or day-use facilities provided in the park.

The park is located near the community of Little Fort, 100km north Kamloops. Access is off Highway 24 via a gravel road approximately 15km west of Little Fort.

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