For a special wildlife-viewing experience, take a day to visit Vaseux Lake Provincial Park in the Southern Okanagan, where the Vaseux Lake Nature Trust operates the Vaseux Wildlife Centre in a multiagency cooperative project. In addition, there is a Canadian Wildlife Service wildlife sanctuary adjacent to the park, and two Wildlife Management Units ensuring protection of critical bighorn sheep winter range.

The cliffs surrounding the park include spring and winter range of California bighorn sheep, and the area is famous for bird-watching. Grasses, reeds, willows, and shrubs along the shore afford a home to many varieties of birdlife. Waterfowl, including trumpeter swans, widgeons, Canada geese, wood ducks, and blue-winged teal, are common. In spring, the beautiful lazuli bunting has been seen. Other bird species present include chukar partridge, wrens, swifts, sage thrashers, woodpeckers, curlews, and dippers.

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Mammal species found here include beavers, bats, cottontail rabbits, muskrats, deer, and mice. Rattlesnakes, toads, and turtles also inhabit the park. Considerable populations of largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and carp make their home in Vaseux Lake, and in winter, the frozen lake offers excellent conditions for ice fishing, as well as other ice-related activities.

This park offers 12 vehicle accessible campsites on a first-come, first-served basis – campsite reservations are not accepted. The operator maintains the park from April 1- October 17, weather permitting. There is no phone in the park and the nearest services are in Okanagan Falls.

Vaseux Lake Provincial Park is located in the Southern Okanagan region of British Columbia, southwest of Okanagan Falls, approximately 16 miles (25 km) south of Penticton on Highway 97.

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