Big Bar Road offers a substantial cross-country ski experience during the winter months, and doubles as a great mountain-bike route in summer. Located about 4 miles (6 km) west of Cariboo Highway 97 near Clinton, this road accesses over 35 miles (60 km) of biking trails.

For other routes, you should definitely check with the various Forest Region offices in the Cariboo. Although the Cariboo Forest Region map doesn’t list any mountain-bike trails as such, many locations have cross-country ski trails that could conceivably be accessible to mountain bikers in summer, and the region is full of hiking trails. Check with the district you’d like to visit for specific routes.

Pinnacles Provincial Park has mountain-bike trails in a spectacular setting just west of Quesnel. Follow the signs to Pinnacles Provincial Park west from Hwy 97 in Quesnel for 5 miles (8 km) to reach the trailhead. Follow the main trail from the parking lot to the park’s viewing area, then pick up the rambling single-track trails that run from there.

Quesnel itself has some lovely cycling paths that run beside the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers that feature pedestrian/cyclists-only bridges to help you across. There’s easy access to the town’s trails from the Quesnel Visitor Centre on Highway 97.