Golden Ears Provincial Park has a network of trails earmarked for horseback riding. As you head north from either of the two park signs that appear on Hwy 7 in Maple Ridge, horses and riders will begin to appear in the vicinity of Maple Ridge Municipal Park. The riding trails in Golden Ears Provincial Park are some of the most extensive in the Lower Mainland.

The riding paths in Campbell Valley Regional Park are located east of 200th Street in Langley. Before this was parkland, Langley riders maintained the bridle trails that run east towards Aldergrove. Since September 1979, when the GVRD took control of the 2-square-mile (535-hectare) valley, these trails have come into greater public use.

Today, Campbell Valley Regional Park is one of the easiest places for visitors to satisfy a desire to ride a horse. The Shaggy Mane Trail, which rings the park, runs 6.8 miles (11 km), an easy two-hour ride. Stables are located directly across from the park equestrian centre at Campbell Downs, providing horses and guided tours of the trail on a one or two-hour basis.

To reach Campbell Valley Regional Park, drive south from Hwy 1 on 200th Street to either the 16th or Eighth Avenue entrance. Or from Hwy 99, take Eighth Avenue east and travel 4.7 miles (7.5 km) to the South Valley entrance.